Introducing CrossReference™
A multi-platform, cloud based, ministry software and database
  • Robust
  • CrossReference is highly capable.  You will find that it will fill your needs and make your ministry more efficient.
  • Powerful
  • Imagine how dynamic your ministry would be when coupled with powerful software and abilities.
  • Flexible
  • Software tends to be "one size fits all."  This is not so with CrossReference.  We can change and customize your system to you.  It will seem like it was made for you from the ground up.
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  • Live Support
  • We offer live support 9am to 5pm (PST), Monday through Friday for our users. With CrossReference you are never alone.
  • User Training
  • Our system trainers will help you  get up and running by giving you the training you need.
  • Ease of Use
  • CrossReference is Software as a Service (SAAS). This means that there are no servers to worry about, just sign up for an account, and use.
CrossReference is now in beta testing. Be part of the ministry revolution. Sign up today.