I Will Disappear for a Week

ken@vituramis.org   September 29, 2016   Comments Off




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Actually I may not be disappearing for some of you but rather appearing.  I am going to the Exponential Conference in California thanks to the invitation of Global Service Network.  Where else would the Church Planting Maniac go?  I actually am not planting any churches (read the about section for crying out loud.) but I am trying to assist church planters as best I can by providing them with some great technology to help them.

For that reason, I have been extremely busy.  I’ve even been working in my sleep.  For the same reason, this blog entry will be really short and there will probably be no blog post next week either.  I am not rejecting you.  I promise.  I still think you’re great ………..you………whoever you are. Until we meet again dear audience (in about two weeks).  Adieu.


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