What in the World is a Spiritual Entrepreneur?

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You’ve heard those great stories being told about the guy tinkering in his garage (here’s looking at you Steve Jobs).  Having a great idea and enticed by the idea of riches, they cast caution to the wind and undertake the crazy, risky endeavor of starting a company.  When great things result we love reading their stories and we mentally give them a salute for bravery.  What’s not to love?  There’s courage, there’s creativity, there’s a meteoric rise!  It’s the American dream for crying out loud!

Then there are the people who start ministries, plant churches, and come up with innovative ideas for reaching the world for Christ.  These people also toss caution to the wind.  They also take risks, they also use their creativity to change the world.  There’s a ton to love here.  That’s why we call them “people who plant churches and start ministries and stuff like that.”………..  Let’s face it, that’s not a very catchy name.  It’s long too.  Never fear, I’m here to fix the problem.  I propose the name “Spiritual Entrepreneur.”  Isn’t that catchy?  Tell your friends.  Use it in a sentence.  This is an exciting term and it should be.  It should conjure all the excitement of having a vision and jumping out into the void trusting God will make it a reality.  Spiritual Entrepreneur.  Ahhh it rolls off the tongue.

So what is a Spiritual Entrepreneur?

A Spiritual Entrepreneur is courageous.  He is a risk taker.  He is a visionary and a dreamer.  He is the guy who stands in the gap.  He is creative and thinks outside of the box.  He is willing to tackle the tough assignment.  He is the guy who leads the charge.  He is a leader.  He is filled with faith.  He is the guy who wants the football on the last play, who wants the basketball with 5 seconds left in the game.  These people are giants, I tell you!!  Even if you never heard of most of them, they are giants.  (Not really giants.  I’m speaking metaphorically.  Most are average height although it would be really cool to have a 7 foot 6 inch church planter.  You could call him Goliath just to tease him.)

What about you?  Are you a spiritual entrepreneur?  There was probably some moment when you saw a need a ministry could fill or a moment when you considered a new way of organizing a church or a new idea for how to make things better.  What’s required to make it a reality?  Just do it.  Okay I know I sound like Nike but it is as simple as that.  You should pray to ask if it is what God desires, of course.  If you do, however, make sure you are open to the idea or else your prayer session will go like so…

You:  Dear God, should I start this ministry?  Tell me.

Holy Spirit:  I am so thrilled you’re ready to trust me.  Go do it.  I’ll be with you.

You:  Please God, if there is any way you could show me, any way at all.

Holy Spirit:  Do it.  Really, I mean it.  Go do it.  I love it when you trust me.

You:  Give me some kind of sign.  Anything!  Anything at all!

One last word to the potential Spiritual Entrepreneur.  Although God is with you, it doesn’t mean you will succeed the first time.  Many ventures fail whether they are ministry ventures or of the business variety.  It is a risk.  On the other hand, consider the value of stepping out in faith.  You will learn more about your relationship with Christ than you ever thought possible.  It is possible your ministry will succeed but if it fails, it is because God has something else for you.  Then you will realize that your first entrepreneurial experience was a crucial building block for where God wanted you to go.  It’s win-win baby!

So What Have We Learned?

  1. Spiritual Entrepreneur is a really cool term
  2. The risk takers of the kingdom are true giants
  3. The difference between a dreamer and spiritual entrepreneur is just doing it.
  4. You could be a Spiritual Entrepreneur too.

I truly believe that Spiritual Entrepreneurs are the future.  Why?  They’ve always been the future.  Every ministry has its day and then a new ministry fills the need in a way that better fits changing conditions.  The same is true for churches.  The Church started with 12 Spiritual Entrepreneurs called Apostles.  Talk about your risk takers!  Ever since then the Church has innovated.  Every time a missionary went somewhere, they had to innovate to reach the culture.  Every time a new need was filled, people had to innovate and see how it could be done.  Being a Spiritual Entrepreneur is cool.  These are my heroes.  They should be your heroes too.  Spiritual Entrepreneur.  Ahhhhhh.  That sounds nice.

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